14:44h;from a corner in the office.

today, i’m in the office with my parents and aunt for the most part of the day. we just came back from lunch at clementi. we had soy sauce chicken and curry chicken and barley water for lunch. i feel the food coma kicking in. it’s the weather as well. 33 degree celsius, almost cloudless. blue skies, yes but hot af. lethargy is real. 

another 4.5 days and i’ll be in Cambodia … not excited at all. i’ll be in the wild/out of my comfort zone again. i guess that’s what our 20s are for huh. (altho, last friday i siam-ed a social gathering/party, mostly cos i was feeling tired af). I’ve been falling asleep by 2330h. i don’t know why. my body literally, crashes.

bro got discharged for a day (fri night to saturday night), at first he couldn’t get discharged cos of the thai army. but i guess ns realize that i’m important so they released him for a day or else he wouldn’t see me for 7 months. also, visited the paternal grandparents over the weekend and told them in broken chinese about my trip. mom, sis and i then went to jem/westgate to walk and shop for skincare and clothes. it was a good girls’ day/night out (: want more of it. but i’ll be gone so, i guess i’ll wait till i come back. miss my family lah.

i’ll go watch the belt and road initiative now.




14:44h;from a corner in the office.

1440h; life works in weird ways. 

When you don’t plan on seeing each other, but you bumped into each other twice. Lel.

Both of you text half-heartedly; the plan to meet never seem clear. 

The car was waiting at the zebra crossing. You looked out the window. You saw this girl, in her blank crop tank, black high waist jeans, black branded bag, pink fluff shoes, long hair. She seems familiar. Then, it registered immediately, it’s her! 

You wound down the window and shouted her name. She took her first step onto the crossing, paused and looked around before our eyes met. That look of surprise and joy lit up her eyes and she started jumping in the middle of the road. You decided to open the door, without looking at the car behind and went to her. 

A huge, tight hug in the middle of the crossing.

Never thought you’d be so happy to see her. Neither did she. She was in her bimbo outfit and you in your hawker one but you spammed photos because, who would’ve thought that fate would bring you together like that? The other day, both of you were at orchard central but you just didn’t meet. 

And today, it happened. Not once, but twice.

After lunch, walking back to the car, you were about to cross the last lane. You walked up, turned your head to look out for the car and there, again, you see her. You called out her name and it takes her 3 seconds to register you before her again. Just like before, she jumped up and down (spazzed) and squealed. And we parted.

What a coincidence. 😂

1440h; life works in weird ways. 


Looks like i get to see my bro after 5, not 7, months. Haha i showed him the cap i got for him and he likes it! Our conversation went like this…

Marc, i got you a present.


In your room. … Marc go your room.

(He looks around at his room and then,)

Eh..? (He reaches out for the cap and puts it on his head)

It’s abit shallow.

No, you make bigger.

(He goes to the mirror in the master room)

Marc nice? 

(No reply, keeps fiddling w it. Mom comes in with the other cap Xinyi gave me, she says its cute like Maldives. All leave the master room. He puts the cap back in his room)

Marc, do you like your present?


It’s your present but i wore it afew times hehehehe



1733h; A lovely bus ride.

Dear diary, 

I boarded the bus 67 today and had a really good and hearty conversation with a 70 year old indian uncle and a german lady who alighted early.

It all started with the german lady offering one of her new towels to the uncle cos he was shaking. She thought it was because of the air conditioner. Not going to lie, i don’t understand why buses in Singapore blast the air con on rainy days and turn it down when its scorching hot. He insisted it was okay and told us it’s cos he had Parkinson’s. 

Minutes into the conversation, we found out the uncle was going to India to pay his respects to his dad. And, the lady was rushing off to a tinder date, i hope she has fun today, make her friday worthwhile. She even went to decathlon to buy yoga mats and equipments just for the date. The uncle alighted at Mustafa cos he was going there to collect his air tickets to Kashmir. He lives alone in a flat and rented the two rooms to a Japanese and an Australian girl. They get along fine and they’ll miss him a whole lot when he goes to India for 2 weeks. 

He worked at a shipyard before. He was in charge of cleaning oil tankers and was earning $400 a day. Uncle, you rich! He’s 70 years old now but he’s still working as a cleaner at Bedok mall so that he keeps moving and his mind active even to his old age. Admirable. 

He gave me some advice on that too – fitness, health, not surrendering to old age just cos. 

A lovely bus ride back home. 

1733h; A lovely bus ride.

My Mama and WIFI.

My grandma has internet – finally, after years of asking for it to be set up, asking what WIFI (she pronounces it as wee-fee) and 3G is. I’m so glad! She didn’t even bother telling me about it when I came in that she has WIFI since the start of May … I mean, she could’ve whatsapped me while I was in HK amirite?!

Now that she has Facebook, I’m gonna get her started on Instagram haha, then she can follow me.


She looks so happy.



she’s now stalking me on facebook

“mama, are you stalking me?!”


My Mama and WIFI.

I’m back, mama.

I was on the phone with my grandma an hour or two ago. I haven’t heard her voice in 5 months – we weren’t able to skype when she was over as I was out and about in Hong Kong. Grandmas being grandmas, she flattered me:

“Why are you going to Cambodia?! You’re so elegant, why are you doing this?”

“I know, mama-“

“Why you choose such a hard life, it doesn’t suit you.” 

Three seconds later, 

“But since you like it, it’s okay. As long as you love it right?” 

Such conflicting narratives, mama.

Then, she went on to tell me that it’s bazhang festival and whether I wanna come over to make bazhang. So, like, duh. I’ll be making bazhang on Wednesday with my mama.




I’m back, mama.