I did my second dive today. It was so fun and there wasn’t as much to be afraid of than the first dive. Somehow, during the first dive I was super scared and anxious. (Of death by drowning, you could say.) There were a couple of hiccups and things I had to get used to like, the cold, the water in mask. Underwent a mask switch underwater too right after I learnt how to empty the water inside my mask. I tried to do the buoyancy properly but I can’t really. I don’t know why my legs keep sinking down. Like, how do I get them afloat?? Amick helped me with that towards the end – he basically, held my legs up as we went over huge corals. But I saw starfish (amazing, good job Talia). Then Amick told me to hold the pillar of barnacles. In my head, i was like, no way i’m not gonna hold onto that shit which scratched me while i snorkeled the other day. No way. So, I basically held on a tiny bit HAHA. Then the boat came and i saw him and Ahmed!! Heh I really like Ahmed (: after the dive, I went swimming with Tessa while Zahra bathed (a lot of people here don’t understand the term ‘bathe’). And here I am now, chilling on a hammock. So sleepy, I wanna sleep. But it’s time for dinner. Ttfn. 


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