14:44h;from a corner in the office.

today, i’m in the office with my parents and aunt for the most part of the day. we just came back from lunch at clementi. we had soy sauce chicken and curry chicken and barley water for lunch. i feel the food coma kicking in. it’s the weather as well. 33 degree celsius, almost cloudless. blue skies, yes but hot af. lethargy is real. 

another 4.5 days and i’ll be in Cambodia … not excited at all. i’ll be in the wild/out of my comfort zone again. i guess that’s what our 20s are for huh. (altho, last friday i siam-ed a social gathering/party, mostly cos i was feeling tired af). I’ve been falling asleep by 2330h. i don’t know why. my body literally, crashes.

bro got discharged for a day (fri night to saturday night), at first he couldn’t get discharged cos of the thai army. but i guess ns realize that i’m important so they released him for a day or else he wouldn’t see me for 7 months. also, visited the paternal grandparents over the weekend and told them in broken chinese about my trip. mom, sis and i then went to jem/westgate to walk and shop for skincare and clothes. it was a good girls’ day/night out (: want more of it. but i’ll be gone so, i guess i’ll wait till i come back. miss my family lah.

i’ll go watch the belt and road initiative now.




14:44h;from a corner in the office.

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