1440h; life works in weird ways. 

When you don’t plan on seeing each other, but you bumped into each other twice. Lel.

Both of you text half-heartedly; the plan to meet never seem clear. 

The car was waiting at the zebra crossing. You looked out the window. You saw this girl, in her blank crop tank, black high waist jeans, black branded bag, pink fluff shoes, long hair. She seems familiar. Then, it registered immediately, it’s her! 

You wound down the window and shouted her name. She took her first step onto the crossing, paused and looked around before our eyes met. That look of surprise and joy lit up her eyes and she started jumping in the middle of the road. You decided to open the door, without looking at the car behind and went to her. 

A huge, tight hug in the middle of the crossing.

Never thought you’d be so happy to see her. Neither did she. She was in her bimbo outfit and you in your hawker one but you spammed photos because, who would’ve thought that fate would bring you together like that? The other day, both of you were at orchard central but you just didn’t meet. 

And today, it happened. Not once, but twice.

After lunch, walking back to the car, you were about to cross the last lane. You walked up, turned your head to look out for the car and there, again, you see her. You called out her name and it takes her 3 seconds to register you before her again. Just like before, she jumped up and down (spazzed) and squealed. And we parted.

What a coincidence. 😂

1440h; life works in weird ways. 

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