Looks like i get to see my bro after 5, not 7, months. Haha i showed him the cap i got for him and he likes it! Our conversation went like this…

Marc, i got you a present.


In your room. … Marc go your room.

(He looks around at his room and then,)

Eh..? (He reaches out for the cap and puts it on his head)

It’s abit shallow.

No, you make bigger.

(He goes to the mirror in the master room)

Marc nice? 

(No reply, keeps fiddling w it. Mom comes in with the other cap Xinyi gave me, she says its cute like Maldives. All leave the master room. He puts the cap back in his room)

Marc, do you like your present?


It’s your present but i wore it afew times hehehehe



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