1733h; A lovely bus ride.

Dear diary, 

I boarded the bus 67 today and had a really good and hearty conversation with a 70 year old indian uncle and a german lady who alighted early.

It all started with the german lady offering one of her new towels to the uncle cos he was shaking. She thought it was because of the air conditioner. Not going to lie, i don’t understand why buses in Singapore blast the air con on rainy days and turn it down when its scorching hot. He insisted it was okay and told us it’s cos he had Parkinson’s. 

Minutes into the conversation, we found out the uncle was going to India to pay his respects to his dad. And, the lady was rushing off to a tinder date, i hope she has fun today, make her friday worthwhile. She even went to decathlon to buy yoga mats and equipments just for the date. The uncle alighted at Mustafa cos he was going there to collect his air tickets to Kashmir. He lives alone in a flat and rented the two rooms to a Japanese and an Australian girl. They get along fine and they’ll miss him a whole lot when he goes to India for 2 weeks. 

He worked at a shipyard before. He was in charge of cleaning oil tankers and was earning $400 a day. Uncle, you rich! He’s 70 years old now but he’s still working as a cleaner at Bedok mall so that he keeps moving and his mind active even to his old age. Admirable. 

He gave me some advice on that too – fitness, health, not surrendering to old age just cos. 

A lovely bus ride back home. 

1733h; A lovely bus ride.

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