I’m back, mama.

I was on the phone with my grandma an hour or two ago. I haven’t heard her voice in 5 months – we weren’t able to skype when she was over as I was out and about in Hong Kong. Grandmas being grandmas, she flattered me:

“Why are you going to Cambodia?! You’re so elegant, why are you doing this?”

“I know, mama-“

“Why you choose such a hard life, it doesn’t suit you.” 

Three seconds later, 

“But since you like it, it’s okay. As long as you love it right?” 

Such conflicting narratives, mama.

Then, she went on to tell me that it’s bazhang festival and whether I wanna come over to make bazhang. So, like, duh. I’ll be making bazhang on Wednesday with my mama.




I’m back, mama.

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