/__ my weekends here

i lost track of the days again. the past 3 weeks was spent in hall. I desperately wanted to go out but i know i got to get my shit down before i do so. when i really needed a breather tho, i went to these three places.

this place was mad crowded. silly me forgot it was a Saturday. i have been wanting to come down to see the sunset and just sit there and think about life which i did… till dark. and it was scary getting out because you know me – my wild imagination and my phobia for dark places.

the following saturday i think, haha the morning was really funny. i entered the zion cafe at sai ying pun only to leave by acting out a scene where my friend calls and tells me it’s the wrong cafe after i sat down for like, 10 minutes? it was a success and i made it to sheung wan’s the cupping room. expensive but delicious. i really wanted to just do my meeting and then head back after getting my brows done but i ended up walking around sheungwan. exploring sheung wan and getting myself a new camera. i am so happy i stayed. and the best thing? the camera friggin works and it has a “made in hong kong” label on it.

and a couple of days ago (make that 3) i went to yuen long. it’s a place that nobody knows about and nt all locals have even been there. I guess you can say it’s like joo koon. haha

okay, it’s 11:47pm. i think i should at least write an intro of my burden soci essay. why did i even take this mod ugh. but i’ve been watching this vlogger who uprooted at the tender age of 21 and moved to japan. can i do that too?


/__ my weekends here

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