88/132 the familiarity

I tried to sleep in today since Fridays are my free day. I’m amazed at how the weather is changing from cold to warm. I’m no longer taking morning showers just to warm myself up and that is great?! But I still get goosebumps while waiting for the water to turn warm. :/

By the way, did you notice something different? It’s no longer a blank space behind the ‘/’. I booked my tickets on 31/03 and i’ll be flying back on 21 may, a day after my exams.

Honestly, I am very excited to go back to Singapore. I think I’ve had enough of HK. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been here for 3+months (it feels like a month). But i guess, I miss Singapore? I’m starting to miss the familiarity of everything.

I’ll be in Singapore for a few days before I fly off to Cambodia for my internship. YES, I’ll be going to Cambodia for 2 months to learn how to dive and to do some conservation work. My mom told me to GO SAVE THE WORLD! And, I really felt such immense tugging on my heartstrings when I read that. Thank you so much for letting me do what I want even if it puts such a strain on the both of you. 





88/132 the familiarity

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