76/__ sulking?

sorry i just don’t like how last minute this is. i prepared myself, i was hyped a week ago and then it was crushed because of you weren’t responsive to it. i thought the plans were forgotten. so ok, i suck it up. it died down. i prepped myself for the remaining shitload of work i have to do – i’m sure every student in this period will have to – but you know what, i liek to take it easy with my assignments. i don’t like rushing and of cos, i like planning ahead. i can do spontaneity, yes. but planning a trip right a weekend before, not exactly that keen about it anymore? i really don’t like it. so no, i’m not sulking. i’m just not as into it as i was a week ago, before reality woke me up.

and i know you’re different. i don’t know what’s going on with you over the past 2-3 days but you just turned frigging hostile. i can feel the demeaning sentiments hidden behind what you say. i can feel that it’s not as easy between us as it used to i.e. 3 days before.

our lives were running parallel before exchange & i think we still are running parallel now.


76/__ sulking?

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