66/__ the hiatus

“sometimes when it’s not meant to be, there’s no point forcing it”

this point in our lives we realize that our dreams can either be taken completely away from us or handed to us regardless of how hardworking we are. we’re built up with hopes and dreams of the ideal future. yet we’re trapped in this reality and we finally understand that not all of us are able to be in the place we want to be.

“you’re not good enough”

“this resume isn’t cutting it.”

“but i’m trying”

“i’ll just put you in this field instead of the one you originally chose”

and there it goes, the deviation from the original path.

i haven’t been here in this space for a long, long time. let me quickly catch you up on how i’ve been.

i definitely can say that the past 3 weeks have been a ride of emotions.

the week after my birthday was spent in the booths/sofas of LES, revising for my CCST module (which i ended failing miserably, 0.5/5; honestly, never failed so bad in my life), doing up my protected areas essay, preparing for debate before my mum and sis reach hong kong on 3 march. OH RIGHT, but the first saturday after my birthday was spent at dragonland. a bloody awesome time.

the weekend my family came to hong kong was a mad, tiring rush. i barely had 2 hours of sleep the first day. we spent the weekend walking for hours and visiting tourist sites. ocean park was good. apparently it’s the original theme park in hong kong with its many coaster rides. then we took the ding ding and rode around hong kong island. gosh, i’m actually gonna admit that i kind of miss my family? cos it’s so easy and comfortable to live like how i do in singapore just for that weekend.

the following 2 days were a blur before my flight to japan on tuesday night with bae3. japan japan japan i really love you alot. being able to go to japan and tick it off my bucketlist is so satisfying. i’m definitely going back for more. japan. you were a huge part of my childhood and i think i’ve never been more excited about a trip than this trip to japan. this is the best birthday present i could ever gift to myself. (‘:

so basically, my reading week was spent in japan. ah i miss it already.

i had my CCST debate today and an interview this afternoon with nus. i hope all goes well. then, it’s my roomie and my turn to make floor food. so we had to grocery shop and make the butter cornflake gooey thing. I expected it to be gooey but it turned out rather hard and crunchy? is this right? for dinner, i went to kau kee (again) for beef brisket noodles before coming home to chill with bae2 and shannon and then have a short skype call with the parents.

it’s 1:07 in the morning.

i guess i’m going to go sleep. there’s a fieldtrip to tai lam country park tomorrow morning and we’ve to gather by 8:45am.




btw, watch kimi no nawa if you’re free. it’s a really good anime!





66/__ the hiatus

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