44/ __ Birthday Abroad.

Today passed like any other. My first birthday abroad. It doesn’t feel as celebratory as the past years. But I’m glad for the people here on exchange making it normal and for my floor mates who wished me in advanced.

Just wanna say that I really am feeling the love all over – US, UK, Singapore, Hong Kong. And I’m satisfied with who I have at this stage in my life, be it newly made friends or friends of many years. These people are really the ones who are driving me, making me stay focused, motivating and inspiring me to be better and to do better, to seek and pursue instead of staying stagnant.

Also want to acknowledge how privileged I have been, my childhood till now. My parents have given so much to me despite me being a tantrum child. Going on exchange is difficult for them since they are the ones forking out the money first so I am very very insanely thankful that my parents are sacrificing so much for me.

On another note, I would really wish that my wish(es) come true. And even if one of them didn’t the other would. Conservation International, Nparks or WWF – I’m waiting for ya. Mr Gold fairy please shine your light on my family. (:

I went to church the other day, as I’ve mentioned and the takeaway message was: don’t compare yourself to people who are (even a teensy bit) better. Look at your position. Are you really allowed to whine and complain as you acknowledge that you’re still regardless, part of the top 20% of the world.

Okay, gonna go continue watching The Handmaiden, an oscar nominated movie.


Till next time,

as of today, I am twenty two.

Happy birthday to me.




44/ __ Birthday Abroad.

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