42/__A Weekend Trip to Macau


Macau was such a letdown. Honestly, for all the people out there who’s curious to see and do things in Macau, don’t bother. Macau is one of the most artificial and ‘themed’ places I’ve ever been to. There were way too many people, especially at Ruins of St. Paul, Monte Fort, Senado Square … Other than these places, the rest of the town is pretty silent. In a way, Macau is valuing its tourism dollar over its people. Underwhelming food experiences and attractions. Oh and yeah, the male host for my airbnb is such a lazy ass slob. It took 30 minutes for us to get to our apartment when it was a 5 minutes walk down. He didn’t want to give the address and ended up blaming us for giving him the impression that once we had the address, we’d walk over by ourselves. In the end, his sister had to rush over from whereever she was to pick us up and bring us to the apartment – a 5 minutes walk away. These lazy shits are so annoying. It dulled the start of our weekend trip. Following that, we had pretty mediocre and inconsistent portugese eggtarts from St. Margarat’s (maybe  you can try buying individual pieces instead of a box, it might be fresher?). We went back the next morning to give it a second chance, but it was still a disappointment. The 35hkd pork chop bun wasn’t all that good either, dont get scammed. The one that was good was located on Rua de Regenor and it was almost half the price. That’s in Taipa, by the way.

So, basically I went to Macau, Taipa and Coloane. I gotta say Coloane was the best experience despite us not being able to see pandas. It was a little more charming and quieter. We sat by this little church for two hours, talk about our families, about life and watch the golden hues play hide and seek among the leaves. Then we went to this pier before taking a bus which led us to the black Hac Sa beach – literally cos it was at night. And, for the first time since I came on exchange, I finally had a taste of a friggin’ good grilled chicken leg. It was so damn flavourful and wew, it’s a consolation for the trip.

Do I regret going to Macau? i.e. waste money, time just to go to a place which has a very off-putting vibe to it. Neh, I don’t. I got to experience a number of things – no thanks to the place – and here are some good stuff which happened (cos if i keep complaining I’ll sound like a whiny ass ungrateful girl, unappreciative of my privilege to travel right):

  • free shuttle bus to Grand Lisboa
  • a bored old uncle let us into his association’s property and we got a glimpse into a macanese home (:
  • i got lost for 10-15 minutes – this was quite funny, i wasn’t panicking at all. just “oh well, looks like i’m on my own”
  • walking the streets at midnight and finding a lovely spot overlooking Macau’s skyline
  • stepping into a casino and gambling – losing 3 sgd in the end cos the first day’s win couldn’t cover my second day losses. hahaha
  • waking up late on a monday morning at a comfortable temperature – this sleep was so good. the mattress and the blanket were thick.
  • getting lost again trying to find our way to the panda pavillion
  • hunting for good portugese eggtarts and milk tarts
  • sitting, chatting and chilling at coloane village

It was a good trip.

Oh yes, the 39 days mark has passed and this is the longest I’ve been out of Singapore. It’s passing by so quickly? It doesn’t even feel like 42 now, unlike during FS. I don’t want exchange to end…




42/__A Weekend Trip to Macau

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