19/__ the eve of chinese new year.

I woke up late but I climbed the peak alone and spend what was left of my morning and half of my afternoon there. I took the Lung Fu Shan country trail and it’s pretty easy. It’s not that scary because of the occasional hikers. I wasn’t dressed for the hike honestly because I had no more tights left so I was wearing my ripped topshop jeans and a blue sweater. It was so damn hot and I perspired tons. You’d think you won’t perspire in cold weather but nope, it’s worst. Especially when there is and isn’t a breeze. Reaching the Peak, I whatsapp called OA and spend the next hour and a half or maybe 2 hours talking and showing her the view. Thank god for unlimited 3g and portable battery. I like the Victoria Peak Garden way more than the uber touristy VP site. It was quite underwhelming to be honest. I think the other side is nicer although it took me another 10-15 minutes to reach and there’s practically no one there so it was pretty scary at times.

I love this day alot. The peace, quiet and alone time. Don’t need to care/think about anybody else but yourself. It’s really freeing.

Okay, good night. I’m gonna gym at 8:30am before meeting Rachel and walking around with her till the late afternoon and then go out to LKF again. Hahahaha






19/__ the eve of chinese new year.

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