30/__ So Glad I Met You.

You were at the far end of the table. You were late.

Someone else had to fetch your burden ass because it was your first day but it was our third or fourth day here.

We were on both ends of the table; there was hardly any eye contact.

I thought you were intimidating, “o god I wouldn’t be able to click with you”.

The next day was orientation. You and the new girl C. who arrived right that morning sat on the same table with me. It was an awkward dim sum session. You ate char siew bao I ordered when you didn’t like it. We talked about piercings and while I was less afraid, I’d never thought we’d click. We went on a hike later on, to an unheard of mountain called Mt. Cameron but we hardly exchange any words.

When did it really start? Probably the first night at LKF; that was momentous. Or was it that chill day at I.’s hall? But definitely, the Dragon’s Back hike made a difference. Afterwhich, we seem to be inseparable since you live in the next building.

Oh of course who can forget our epic night on the first day of Chinese New Year? Brought our passports before going out for the night parade at TST so that we could end up at LKF.

Grocery shopping, cooking, gymming, walking around aimlessly, laughing. So many inside jokes.

And now, we’re going to book tickets to Japan.

I’m so damn glad I met you.



30/__ So Glad I Met You.

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