26/__ I went to Church today

and why is it such a surprise to others? It’s not like I abhor Christianity and church.

Maybe it’s because (quote unquote) Angie mentioned that I’m a “methodist girl for ten years!” I don’t know why I give myself and others excuses of “seeing what HK church is like”and  “i’ve never been to a youth service before (it wasn’t ite)” when my main reason for going was because

1. after all these years, i’m still curious and i still want to give it a try                                                                   2. i miss chapel (because i’m a methodist girl thru and thru?)

But, for 1, everytime I go, I get disappointed and reminded of the reasons why I don’t go. I always end up questioning the sermon and being very ugh about it all. Like, are you for real? puh-lease. It’s not enjoyable at all. There is no point. But I am still strangely inquisitive about it.

I don’t know lah. I’m caught in between again.

(halfway writing my cover letter for wwf but v distracted)



26/__ I went to Church today

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