24/__ Thinking Out Loud.

I had a very interesting dinner conversation just now. It could have gone way deeper for friends who were strangers merely 3 weeks ago if not for the 11pm curfew. It was after the dessert and we were sitting around the table in the pantry room – chilling, talking, swiping (lmao). The topic was about sexuality. Of course lah, why wouldn’t young, healthy adults talk about this? 

But, what bothered me the most was the idea that guys have it rougher than girls in terms of masculinity/femininity and the double standards that still exist today in our society. Despite having a university education, taking modules which touch upon these topics, there are still people who have this alpha/patriarchal mindset. I have to agree that at least they admit rather than deny, at least they are facing reality. But, it just bothers me so? How is it possible for a kid to grow up in this century and be not as open about lgbt? Why is it hot for girls to kiss but not for guys?

Why do we have to label ourselves – biromantic, aromantic, homosexual, transexual, pansexual etc. ? Why is the concept of masculinity more influential/deeply rooted than the concept of femininity? I mean, you definitely see more girls going around embracing both masculinity and femininity than guys. Then again, these 2 concepts are basically social constructs. Why are people so caught up with how a biologically male/female should behave rather than focus on your own self development and on the other party, regardless of whether s/he is female or male?

I don’t know whether these thoughts are normal or are they too forward looking? Post modernist thought? Why do humans have to make things difficult when love is love? Why do gender and sexuality matter?




btw, happy birthday to my bro & sis (:

24/__ Thinking Out Loud.

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