15 to 18/__ what went on this week.

Okay it’s january 30 already. HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

It’s practically a dead town in Kennedy Town now but the past 2 days have been exciting because of the people and the activities we were doing i.e. hosting steamboat on cny eve, going out to see the night parade at TST on chu yi and then ended up going clubbing and taking a 45 min walk back home and on chu er it started off slower. I only had 2 hours of sleep but yesterday we hosted curry chicken dinner with all the exchange peeps and my floormate and then we went to TST to watch the fireworks before coming back to my room and chilling. (: i’m not even this hapz in Singapore. ahaha

Now, I’m falling sick from the combination of late nights + not enough water + running in the rain. I deserve it luh, basically. Not taking care of myself.

Today, we’re gonna go visit a HK museum and learn about HK from 400million years ago hahahaa and then have indian for lunch/dinner


Till next time,




15 to 18/__ what went on this week.

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