14/__ Dragon’s Back.

Another morning being a housewife. I cooked some leftover pasta with bolognese sauce which I bought from Wellcome. I completely forgot to oil my pan before I cooked my eggs though. I forgot that I needed to do it cos it wasn’t a ceramic pan. It was okay though. Need to buy black pepper. We only have black peppercorn in the condiments section. Also, I need to get my breastmeat, carrots, cauliflower and corn which I wanted to cook last week but didn’t manage to cos… school and social jios. :/

Met up with Xinyi at 1:30pm so we could hike Dragon’s back and watch the sunset at Big Wave Bay beach. Unfortunately, we didn’t manage to catch it. The weather was so fine though. It was really sunny up top at the peak and the view was spectacular. I think it was about 16-17 degrees but the sun made it a-okay. I took the narrower, ruggard paths instead of the compacted well-paved ones since everyone seems to be going that way. Saw XY glide down the small hill and it was friggin funny – like skateboarding without the board.

It wasn’t until past sunset that we reached the bay. We were desperate to make it out of the woods before dark as it was just us two. Occasionally, we saw hikers but they all passed us and we’d never see them again. Except for the kaopei wannabe angmoh asian who commented “graffiti” so loudly when we were scrapping the stonewall with rocks to write our names. Please, not like your country don’t do it. *major eye roll*

Also, I never knew my hands could feel so cold and numb till today. I really couldn’t feel anything but my body felt fine. I could hardly type – everything felt clumsy – and I could hardly hold my spoon. I dropped it on the table cos I just couldn’t feel my hands? Speaking of dinner, it was the most satisfying meal since I came to HK. Not saying that we didn’t eat well and have good food. Just saying that this meal was the best in taste, atmosphere, hunger, weather, feels. vibes. We ordered char siew fried rice, curry fried rice and two hot ovaltine on this cold evening. Tried to find Eric’s Kitchen but guess it didn’t want to be found. So we dined at Tong Kee Store i think. (: They were closing but the lady made special arrangements for us. Thankful for that cos we were ravenous and I really wanted a hot drink even if it was diluted.

All in all, a very fulfilling day with my girl. I’m very impressed that we can click so well.

Time to sleep early (by midnight) so I can wake up tomorrow for gym > 4 hours of school.



14/__ Dragon’s Back.

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