12&13/__ being Domestic.

Instead of the gym session I wanted to do after my class (which ended early cos im gonna drop the module, it’s way too advanced for me), I became a housewife. Going grocery shopping with Rachel after eating lunch with both Courtney and Rachel at the school canteen. I bought sponge, bowl, fork, rolled oats, honey, pasta …. and barbarically carried my pork ribs back from the bus terminal to hall. Cooked up some failed bkt, i blame the sachet honestly. All my mom did was add the meat and garlic and peppercorn into the soup and the sachet and it always tastes amazing … Next up, fried rice bah. I bought luncheon meat heh. My room has so much food already, I gotta stop buying.

On thursday or friday night, I told my family I wanted to eat rojak. This Saturday morning, they took a photo of the rojak with the caption “so crispy”. Omg I want it so bad. On my walk back to hall just now, the scent of bbq lingered in the air and reminded me of times when my sis and i went to the gym while a bbq was going on and me shouting “bbq!”. It also reminded me of my dearest chicken satay from the green house. I want to eat it now. I can never get Hong Kong food… it isn’t that appetizing at all. Like, bro. Singapore hardly uses instant noodles … We have legit dishes. But it’s all processed here?

Tomorrow, i’m probably gonna hike Dragon’s back  for the sunset, can’t wait. fingers crossed, the weather will be fine.





12&13/__ being Domestic.

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