7/__ Body is DED.

Whoa, can’t believe that I’m already here for a week. This means my remaining 16-17 weeks here will go by so fast too. That’s kinda sad leh. ): I just want to live like how I’ve been living for the past 6 days. hahahaha 

Had my usual banana (2 today cos hiking mah) + almonds for breakfast. another cha chan ting for lunch – their lunch set alot sia & I love their unsweetened milk tea. We had satay beef – is satay beef their thing? – noodles with po luo bao (?) and hot milk tea. I realized it’s not my first time eating that bao but I don’t see why it’s that nice leh. I think the crust with char siew rou nicer. We ordered chicken pie and egg tart to share after the lunch and then went on to Causeway Bay and Mongkok to walk. Didn’t have a proper dinner, just biscuits because I was still too full. Now, my stomach feels a bit weird but I doubt it’s the drinks/food. I think I’m just bloated?






7/__ Body is DED.

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