I explored the scenic sites of Kennedy town today. We went up some unpaved road cos we saw a staircase leading up to the bushes and we followed it. Then what followed was us finding ourselves on a trail to climb Mount Davis. So we hiked back down and made our way to Sai Wan swimming shed. It’s really beautiful. Witnessed a wedding shoot there and had our photoshoot too. Gonna go back one day when it’s not so gloomy. Didn’t make it to the other pier cos it was getting cold and i was getting lazier by the minute so I went back to hall with my bananas in hand (realized I got scammed 2 hkd/pound cos i thought wet market cheaper mah, apparently not). I’ll visit the Soon Yet Sun memorial another time too. lol did i spell the name correctly? whatever la. 

I really super duper love roaming the streets alone cos I get to go where I want to. I get to backtrack and not burden people. I get to do what I want without having to concern myself with the needs and opinions of others. XD





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