3/__ Mongkok & Tsim Sha Shui.

Good news

  • I didn’t get lost today.
  • Finished a meal in HK; it was at Mong Kok, one of the stores 1 or 2 streets down from the ladies market. It was really good? Portion was just right
  • Tried smelly tofu and it left a cow shit odour in my mouth. eek
  • Admission is free on Wednesday for the HK Science Museum so that’s where we spent 2-3 hours.
  • Found the famous Tak Fan noodle store and it was located in some ulu local market, past the florists, vegetables and a fat man.
  • Took a stroll and discovered the waterfront at Tsim Sha Shui. Freaking awesome chill place (!!)
  • Came back to hall and planned my exploration for tomorrow. I guess my friend’s gonna join and leave halfway. It’s alright, it was meant to be a solo day anyway (:

Bad news

  • I didn’t get lost today.
  • Tak Fan noodle store was closed so we had noodles from the store in front of it (turned out good?!)
  • Victoria Harbour is touristy af. Current HK weather condition is foggy af. Guess I’ll come back another day when the weather clears up.
  • The sun sets very early here. By 6:30pm, it’s as dark as Singapore’s 7:45pm.
  • Feet hurts but it was a day well spent (:

On another note, I really like my room. It’s at the corner of level 11 and it’s has an unobstructed view, which means no buildings close by and there’s airflow. I like to sit by the window and use by computer.




3/__ Mongkok & Tsim Sha Shui.

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