Hong Kong, i’m here!!

Hey ya. 11:01AM. I’m an hour into the flight. I peed already. Took a photo in the toilet and when i came out of the lavatory, 2 guys were waiting outside oops
This morning, my safbuns made a shocking appearance outside the master bedroom as I was walking out after checking my attire and my bags and telling myself, “not bad”. HAHA Such sweet people, come over to my house to surprise me. Not like my oabff hehehe J. and JM met me at the airport and rah couldn’t wake up, as usual LOL
Now that i’ve checked in, boarded and at probably 30,000 feet in the air, doing all that alone isn’t so bad bah. I struggled to put my backpack into the cabin above me but managed it myself la. My only worry now is my check in bag, hope it doesn’t burst open and i’m able to drag it from the belt before it makes another round 😂 those few months of lifting better not let my down HAHAHA Y’know just now, my trip haven’t even start but funny things alr happen. First being my mom threw my boarding pass into the dustbin; second, i forgot to lock my luggage and had to call my dad for the p/w so i could do it while my bag was on belt (hogged the station HAHA) then i never put my bag flat so i had to place it again AFTER it got rejected by the machine hahaahaha i swear i’m damn burden. After that, we went to the toilet, and the plastic on my hand carry sling broke because of my 7kg bag. LOL so it’s at this uncomfy length now. But other than those minor errors, everything, so far so good teehee 😊

I can’t sleep luh not because i’m excited or nervous. A certain calmness has settled itself into my bones. I can’t wait for the adventures that lie ahead. (:
2017 is gonna be a great year. My only regret of 2016 was not being wise enough in investments. So, this year, money management is key and keeping my room and stuff tidy and all. I hope to be more present this year. I want to write more and I want to improve my film skills more, go in the direction i want/like and not what others like. Completely and utterly immerse myself in it and still be living in the moment. I want to go on random adventures, get lost and have a laugh about it after. I want to travel more and I really want a solo travel this year. I want to hit 13kg squat by June and maybe 16kg by the end of 2017. If i can hit 20kg, that’ll be amazing 😊 i’ve been making so much progress with my weights and i’m still loving the whole process. Most importantly, i want my family and friends to be safe, healthy and full of wealth this year.
It’s gonna be quiet around the house with me gone for 5months, sis patuo, bro in ns. Hopefully my parents can deal w each other 24/7 without the kids like they did when they were younger. hahaha
Okay i think, thats the end of my new year resolutions. Or actually stuff i want to make happen this year. Oh yes, i also want an internship. HAHA I WANT IT.

Omg, it’s 1:40AM.

I finished cleaning, unpacking and setting up my room and bathed around 12. Then roomie and i cleaned it further with dettol and cloth. I’m damn shag. It’s 19 degree celsius, rly nice temperature to cosy up. Gotta do admin stuff tomorrow. Hope i can wake up HAHA my first day in HK went by quite fast. I entered the city in the red urban cab and as concrete tunnels gave way to wired bridges, open sea, hills and buildings of varying heights with its nitty gritty charm, i fell in love with Hong Kong.

Goodnight (:

Hong Kong, i’m here!!

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