I think about the times when we used to be happier when we’re together. It pains me to acknowledge that those golden years are long gone. Never, ever going to reappear.

I have a day left here before I fly to HK. I’m still not done packing my bag and I’m not ready to leave yet. The past week has been a blur of meetups with my intimates.

2017, I started it with my family. A morning walk under (cannot be) 32 degrees celsius sun to the ngee ann poly track which was closed. So we decided to walk to GreenHouse for lunch instead. 40 satays, 6 muffins later, we headed home and sis and I went to the gym for a short while just cos. There were alot of newcomers in the gym, I guess they probably set out to be healthier this year.

The next morning, I completely forgot it was a public holiday. I should have slept in but neh, woke up early to meet P. for breakfast at Holland where we had pontian wanton noodles and soya bean drink and he pestered me about my beloved slug. Knock it off laaaa, don’t so despo pls. hahaha When I got home, I saw my mom doing her nails so I asked her to do mine too (: some fresh paint for the new year. And then we just lazed the entire Monday away heh.

January 3. T. and I visited the Singapore Philatelic Museum for its Harry Potter exhibition but we ended up going to the Shakespeare and heritage exhibitions in the museum followed by the Invisible exhibition at the National Museum. The HP exhibition are those who can’t afford to go to Europe or Japan bah. They had the train station wall, the train cubicle, a flying broom to sit on.. hahaha So duh, we obv acted like tourists in Europe and kept laughing at ourselves. XD

Oh yes, and there was last minute Teoheng with Leon (who was craving it) and Kyven (who practically didn’t sleep for 48 hours). We screamed until hoarse sia but we manage to make it for the last train.

January 4. Guess who I met shopping at American Eagle Outfitters on her lunch break as I was walking out of the shop? I couldn’t believe my eyes especially if I didn’t know she’s in Singapore now for internship. Yep, it’s Cory. stupid girl, never text me to meet up. She looked way wiser and mature now. But oh, Cory will always be Cory. The first thing she said to me was, “Talia, why are you so small!! I don’t rmb you being so skinny, like anorexic!!”But, bro, you know you’re smaller and tallerthan me and I weigh heavier than you sia. I just put on weight somemore. Leon was telling me the night before after our TH session that I looked fatter. LOL. Then yesterday at Nainai’s birthday dinner cum my farewell party, Aunty Mei also commented how we all looked skinnier. hahahah people don’t know what they’re talking about.

Spent my Wednesday with slug who was damn late – excuse moi, 1.5 hours – so I was alone at vivo for an hour (cos i met cory mah). I didn’t know Zara had such good sales now, too bad I’m saving up for HK so can’t spend luh huh. We annoyed the server at Toss n Turn cos we were so slow in ordering – thank god, there wasn’t a queue. Zhuo had a salad and I had a prawn & avocado sandwich topped with melted cheese. It was soooo good. I keep wondering if the prawns were fresh or frozen though, cos the prawns were so juicy and flavourful. After our lunch, we spent $30 at the arcade. HAHA. At first I was damn sian that the arcade didn’t have bishibashi or the kiddie throw plastic ball games. In the end, we spent about $15 on this one Pirate of the Carribean shooting game cos we kept taking turns to die HAHA so interactive sia, i like. got the wheel to spin and maneuver the ship.  We eventually ended up with 134 tickets which we used to buy cheezels and superrings. XD Annnndddd, QUEK PROPOSED with the friggin ring. HAHAHAHAH the people around us confirm wondering why we laugh so loud

After that, I went home to gym with sis at 7pm. YEP, WE GO HARD THIS WEEK. Wed, Thurs, Fri (skipped cos legs hurt like a bij.), Sat and maybe today also will have before I fly tomorrow.

January 4. Woke up late. So I reached Shang’s place at 11 instead of 10. We spent the morning packing her closet and playing scrabble. I don’t know why my luck always so bad sia, I cannot get like nice 7 scrabble tiles and I’ll get XYZ and W. Omaitian.  We had homecooked food for lunch (!!) Haven’t had a homecooked meal like that in agesss especially the meat cos mom doesn’t cook that kind and mama can’t really cook up a feast like she used to.

After lunch, I dragged my ass to bugis to develop my last roll of film for 2016 (SO EXCITED TO SHARE THIS AWESOME AMAZING ROLL.) before meeting Jess whom I had her first bingsu with. hehehehehehe Chilled at my place as we watched the sun colour the west with its golden hues. Too bad it was quite cloudy.

January 5. I rode on a 20 year old, non-airconditioned lorry and it was a sticky experience. My parents were on board with me, so that’s 3 people in the front seat. Brought back some childhood memories except for the beads of perspiration where our thighs met. I don’t even need to exercise after that cos I already perspired enough in the lorry and the weather’s not helping.

Rah’s back. She came over around 2PM and helped me pack abit of my luggage before we nua-ed on the sofa, watching West World. This girl is going back to the States in February while I’m in HK and we both won’t know when she’ll be back. haiya. We made dinner together but went out again to eat with the family – stingray and popiah, yum. While I was heading out to dinner, safbuns texted to gather for a farewell. So, yep, we went to V. house. I think it’s been a year since I walked up that hill sia ie 2016 new year day. But it only feels like yesterday. We played bridge cos i didn’t want to play taiti (?) hohoho and stayed on till 1AM before going our separate ways. This leon sun scared me, make me think ven going to UK until December. If that’s true, I won’t see her from 9 jan until december. THAT’S A WHOLE FRIGGIN YEAR. OMFG. Cannot sia, that’s insane. But anyway, this kyven tan will be leaving also in mid-2017 for his attachment. And I think leon sun is also leaving too, short to intermediate trips through the year. HAIYA. And then shang will be working liao. And don’s in UK. omgah. ): Everyone’s scattered from 2017 D: I’m gonna miss all of us gathering tgt man.

January 7. I woke up duper early so I could tidy up abit before collecting my film and still making it back in time for lunch at PS cafe. My film turned out really really well!!!! I AM SO HAPPY. My faith is restored. HEHE My confidence in film too. And some of the pictures had the vibes I really love. XD Can’t wait to share it on FB. Can’t wait to say I. finally. did. it. FINALLY. A ROLL OF FILM I’M HAPPY TO PUT OUT.

On the downside, the truffle fries portion not only became smaller, there wasn’t as much truffle oil. Bleugh. The food was not bad but don’t get the prawn aglio olio, not worth it since it was practically tasteless.

I got horned at by a driver cos I was standing in the middle of the road taking photos – sorry la, never see you. 

During the evening, we went over to Nainai’s place for nainai’s birthday celebration cum louhei cum my farewell dinner. And the night had me rather blackfaced, but oh well. Everyone’s got family issues right?

January 8. Woke up this morning at 9AM, wanting to go to Ghim Moh market for my carrot cake but found out that dad left me behind. So I just waited lor, waited for my black chai tao kueh to come home. Went for a hike with my sibs and mom. We took a different trail today – rifle range, durian loop, bukit timah nature reserve, green house. Sis fell down hahahaha really shiddyshoddy. We came up with new nicknames for the children. Shiddy-shoddy, dilly-dally and wishy-washy. It fits our characters so well XD

The soursop uncle didn’t open for the 4th time in a row and I’m bummed that I can’t eat it before I fly. COS I ALREADY NEVER EAT THE 3 PREVIOUS TIMES LIAO. ): When is he going to come back !! Dad met up with us for lunch before heading back to the office. Why can’t wealth make its way to their banks. Please.

So, I just finished packing. I hope my luggage don’t burst and that my handcarry doesn’t get checked and that everything goes well tomorrow morning. BTW, I don’t know why people keep saying I pack alot? I legit packed the number of sets of clothes they suggested sia? Gao shen me wan xiao. Cannot sleep last night again. haiya. 4 hours on flight nia, can one. (:











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