end of December 2016.

December 26. 

December 27 & 28. I spent them at home, reading and editing. Seriously i edited quite a few videos but they are all incomplete. Even thought of doing a 2016 round up video but it’s not yet finished either. I am so ban tu er fei. haiya.

December 29. Shopped for sis’ birthday present — visited the Singapore national museum with OA — played arcade — BUDDAEJIGAE; see i spelled it right.

December 30. And then, I somehow forgot to gif yesterday. Went out with Syed, Bryon and Bubz for some waffle catch up time. Afterwhich bubz and I later went on to cine, sat at xinwang for 3 hours plus and almost walked out without paying HAHAH #first  The sunset yesterday was really damn gorgeous too. Annnnddd I really wanted to go zouk so bad but my period came the night before ):



{edited, jan 8 2017, 1:05AM.}

December 31. Spent the late morning early afternoon at Westmall where my parents met like alot of their friends by coincidence and bro and i were placed in multiple awkward situations because of them. We went to watch Assassin’s Creed (ANIMUS! hahahah) but were way too early so we decided to have lunch there. The movie was meh. I expected alot more 1429 moments, yknow. Mum and I walked through ngee ann poly and then to mama’s house to wish her a happy new year. Spent some time there before heading back home and then out again to vivo for dinner. I was rather disappointed at my lack of celebration this year. Man, I was game for some late night movie and then, maybe catch some fireworks at the harbour. But nope, the males in the family were tired, so we had to go home, lay our mat on the floor and watch our own late night movies (:

end of December 2016.

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