My Christmas Week.

20 December. After ages, slug and I managed to set a date and time to meet during the day. We’re always meeting at night, that’s really bad cos                                                                                                                   1. lighting sucks = no nice photos                                                                                                                                       2. we usually end up drinking and becoming rabz                                                                                                      3. she doesn’t rmb the night before as much as i do = one sided friendship is bad

Yep, so there was no alcohol involved. PG13 okay. even though we were tempted to go back to the MRT to get some soju, we were discussing it seriously for like 10-15 minutes. But we didn’t. Didn’t give into temptation man and mostly because we were lazy.

Anyway, it was my first time at the Barrage at night. Within a span of 4 days, I visited the Barrage during the day and at night when the past few years, I haven’t even been to the Barrage. Now I see why people like to celebrate NDP, NYE etc. on the Barrage at night. It’s really a sublime spot to watch fireworks and admire Singapore’s pretty cityscape. Oh yeah, we saw the artificial trees at Gardens by the Bay light up with Christmas lights. It was so lovely. Btw, I haven’t been to Gardens by the Bay. hahahahaha, someone just slap me. 

21 December. It was my first time at Timbre – seriously, don’t know what’s wrong with me. everybody’s probably been to Timbre in 2014 but I’m only going at the end of 2016. whut?!  But yeah, my first time at Timbre and I gotta say, I really love the ambience. I love how it’s situated behind shophouses – it’s like even more “backyard” and “secret dumpster” feels. The Great White Lark was playing the intro set so we went to support Da Mian. We ordered too much for 3 people – well, how would we know the sister would ps us … so obv, we ordered for 4 people – duck pizza, calamari, chicken wings. The duck pizza ain’t that fantastic, it was quite jelat. Calamari and wings weren’t that bad. Parents gave up halfway but I was eating my night away while we watched TGWL & Sweatshop Jam (plays 80s music on wed nights, lead vocalist friggin awesome). And we drank quite a bit in a while too. 4 Guinness draughts, 2 Erdinger light, 2 Erdinger dark, red wine. HAHA it was a reallyreally good chill night with fantastic music with the parents in a long while. (:

24-26 December. The night before Christmas. This year, we didn’t get to go overseas for Christmas and it didn’t feel as festive as the previous years. We even lit our Christmas lamp only a few hours before midnight.

Spent the Christmas weekend waking up earlier than the parents but then sleeping alot, watching way too many movies and only heading out the house for meals. We went to Dan Ryan’s for Christmas lunch for some delicious steak, lamb, pork, fish. It couldn’t compare to Tony Roma’s (when it was at its best). I went to church the past 2 sundays with mum. It’s okay. Not as bad as I remembered it to be. Why are my friends so surprised that I went to church. All their reactions were like so impressed and surprised that I actually go. Well, it’s not like I go often anyways but I do go maybe like a handful of times in year hahaha And it’s not like I hate church or anything …

Visited both grandmas on Boxing day after lunch before heading home to rest and then send bro off to his new camp. We were joking about how bro’s always making himself sick when it comes to changes in his life/new shizz and roles i.e. before A levels, before enlistment, before A level collection, before BMT parade, before NS posting, before transfer to Gedong, before transfer to new camp. It’s so funny.

Last thing, I gained 2 kg. Okay, make that 3 kg. Jeezus. All that workout last week but I still gained. So, I don’t usually weigh myself but I felt a tad bit different since now, my thighs were touching and it was an entirely new feeling and I couldn’t help but wonder about my weight. Including the fact that my period is uber late. Jeez. My cycle is pretty messed up since May. My sis was talking about how maybe my fat % went down especially with all the gym sessions this Decemeber so it made my hormones weird. But even in Cross, when training was way more intense, my period was regular. So I don’t know, maybe I’m not producing enough female hormones to trigger the bloodshed. :/

Okay, gotta get myself made up and head over to SIM for some photobooth alone time. HKU requires a l o t of photos of me. Oh, why they love me so huh?

Btw, before the sun rose, I woke up to pee but I couldn’t go back to sleep and so I’ve been awake since 6 in the morning. My parents kept questioning me why I was awake because it’s highly highly unusual. I guess all that sleeping over the weekend has caused me to become an early riser? hahaha, shan’t talk so soon.





My Christmas Week.

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