Most of all, Time runs out.

We often forget that time does things.

Time gives. Time changes. Time wears down. Time hardens. Time relives.

At the end of it all, time takes away but it endures.

Time ticks away as we enjoy each other’s company, as we squabble and give the cold shoulder, as we work hard towards our dreams, as we live out our adventures, as we go through pain and suffering. Time goes on and time does wonders on our being.

Time gives us love and experiences. Time changes and hardens our interior. Time wears down our exterior. Time relives our memories and brings back nostalgia. And at the end of it all, we’ll wonder why didn’t we do this better, why didn’t we talk to her, why did we choose to face our phones over real life, why did we just go on living nonchalantly thinking that every time we gather, nothing has changed? that we fail to acknowledge how much the other has gone through over the past few months.

It is only when time runs out will we feel remorseful and guilty. It is only when time runs out will we want to reverse it all. If we could look at her smiling face one last time. If we paid attention to what she was saying. If we just choose to be in that moment with her. Will we then, not feel as horrible and foolish?

Merry Christmas & Happy Boxing Day!

Some heavy thoughts from the afternoon after Christmas day house-visiting. 




Actually, it puzzles me. Why do people want kids? Is it because children remind them of a kind of happiness they long to have (again)? 

Most of all, Time runs out.

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