The Beach Party.

Been waiting for this day for 2 years and it’s here. It’s really here ever since tickets were booked in September. Before it’s too late, I’ll be going to ZoukOut with V. and K. Like we said 2 years back.

I won’t get wasted tonight. promise

It’s gonna be like Illumination, so fun. Too bad it’s without L. and D. ): And OA.

Do you think, I’ll get to live out my ZO dream? i.e. sitting on someone’s shoulder? XD By the way, K. and I didn’t manage to use our “we’re engaged” excuse last week. So, if anything happens tonight, that’ll be our saving reason.

Getting really excited!!

Leaving house in 15 minutes to meet J. at The Projector. whooo can’t wait to catch the local film. Mom and I caught Lulu the Movie last night. It was waaay last minute. She and dad came home around 8:15PM, then she asked if I wanna go catch the 8:40PM screening. Why not right? So we went. It was hilarious. I was snickering throughout the movie and my mom was laughing damn loudly. There was one part, only the both of us laughed damn loud but the theatre was quiet. L O L

Okay, gonna go pester the parents now.






The Beach Party.

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