An Errand Day.


It’s a fresh new day. I’m feeling relaxed and at ease today. (: Currently on my way to collect mi films which i developed 2 days ago with OA. We went to Rochor Centre colourful buildings that morning. It was so hot. Snapchat’s thermometer was wrong. It wasn’t 32 degrees, it was 37. I was scrolling through my photos earlier this morning and came across photos of 36/37 degrees weather in March/April 2016. But it wasn’t as hot as the past few days. Maybe cos it’s drier during those months, so less likely to perspire? I don’t know luh. Mo la.

Can’t believe they’re gonna tear down those hdb flats to construct commercial buildings. I thought that the government is trying to conserve Singapore’s heritage. Those buildings are defo v rich in heritage -the paint looks fresh too- Level 1 of shops, basha. Level 2 of open, public communal space. Level 3 of residential space. Never seen a “void deck” like it before. Haiya. We should have more of those kind of multifunctional vertical buildings. (:

Okay, i’m at botanic gardens mrt now. Just alighted from the bus. My hamstrings are hurting mahn. Whew. Yesterday’s gym session was worth the struggle. Omg those steps. 


An Errand Day.

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