I don’t love you enough to be sad. So bloody thankful that it’s over and i had 9 days to study for my South Asian module!!! Haha section b was hard, #notgonnalie. But oh man, i’m banking so hard on this mod to pull up the rest of my mods #notgonnalie HAHA PLease please just let me get good for this mod. And history if i get B+ i am satisfied alr. So much i learnt over the semester (‘: thank you, thank you all you knowledge providers. Okay, so long suckers. I’m out. 


Getting ready for the night outttttt ~party party party~ Meeting the famz for dinner before prinking at L’s and then meeting Slug at Zouk. wew.

No regrets tonights k. HAHAHA And no taking care of people. Just have fun, Talia; let others take care of you. I only went all out one other time but that was so long ago. HAHA. So yes, this time, I am not going to bother about taking care of others. –I try but sometimes it’s hard cos it’s like the overprotective motherly instincts- I’m really looking forward to the music! Wonder how old is their oldies.






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