1:08PM / do you, boo.

Alrighty, it’s a Friday afternoon and I’m getting ready for work-

yep, you read that right.

I’m working during finals period. haha Definitely the first time since I started working but not a surprise this semester.  I swear, this semester I’ve been going off and doing my own shit i.e. working and vacationing throughout and right smack in the semester. Remember that cray last few days of August and that post-recess week holiday while everyone was having mid terms & i had tons to catch up with before my hell weeks? I love this man. This doing-whatever-I-want-not-afraid-of-the-consequences attitude. Well done, good progress. Well, I mean, you deserve every second you spend on Earth and you only have that limited number of seconds amirite? You might even die the next second or minute so if you wanna challenge yourself/be productive/have fun/chill, go for it. You entered this world, non-obligated to anyone but yourself and you’ll eventually leave it the same way so, do what makes you feel alive/good/happy/worthwhile. (:

Enuff of me being wise, I’ll go back to prepping.

Till after finals, I can’t wait.



1:08PM / do you, boo.

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