13/11/2016, 11:56PM.

Hellooo everybody

I toko the weekend to disconnect and reground myself after an extremely tough semester. I went for my (long time no walk) weekend walk, but less than 5 minutes into it, the storm came and we were rained on. Heavily. The drains at the nearby mrt station were flooded. So, there went our plan to walk to grandmama’s. The storm was so heavy, it broked a part of the tree and the rain was pretty torrential till the water overflowed from the hill into the drain like a waterfall. I saw multiple earthworms getting washed downhill. –hahaha, what a sight.– Had I not taken a cloesr look, I would’ve thought they were sticks. This all happened on saturday afternoon.

On sunday afternoon, we went over to bukit batok for lunch. the malay stall’s burgerdill is so goooood. where L and I coincidentally met up and went straight to the Artscience museum to catch the ecofilmfestival. I’m so glad he told me about it on friday night and we went together –ok, i third-wheeled and it was a tad awkward but all iz still well – The documentary and the short films were really thought-provoking (: After watching 2 documentaries this week, it definitely got me thinking more about my lifestyle and habits.

The weekend was a blessing in disguise. So thankful to be surrounded by my family and friends. My sis gave me her cat 2 $188 per pax tickets and i caught ONE Championship at the indoor stadium with L. It was my first time but w o w was it good. Too bad Shinya Aoki didn’t win :/ I was rooting for him since the start of the advertisements hahahah Before that, min and I planned a surprise for J. happy birthday, jess. The location was so editorial, so creative, so inspiring, so vintage, so much (albeit, fake) character I can’t even. I loved it. Love the shop, love the ambience. E v e r y t h i n g. Every art deco hanging on the wall, painted on the wall, sitting on the flood. And the music? 15/10 amazeballs.

I helped my mom to cook over the weekend as well. Cut pork, chop cabbage, slice carrots, cook egg – you know. Spent a few hours catching up with the latest season of AHS – honestly, I don’t really like this series but i guess it’s different. Oh, and  AHS I’m getting quite sick of all the sex scenes in the seasons so would you please try not to involve them in future seasons? it’s getting boringAnd I received letters about my museum internship rejection and my acceptance to HKU. Finally. But now, the idea of actually volunteering during December is very very real since I didn’t get the internship. I don’t know why I keep beating myself up over it – over the fact that this semester, things basically havent been going as smooth as I want it too. The only thing I can get are the things I can buy with money. It’s not the first rejection this semester. I’m just quite tired having to face multiple rejections this month while others get it easier, get it handed to them – all the opportunities. Sigh.

Well, instead of turning this rather happy post into a depressing one, I guess I should stop typing and continue my revision cos I only have 7 days left to HY2245 finals and I just started revision today hahaha


till next time,





p/s: I really don’t like how easily attached I get once I open my heart to someone (which doesn’t happen often but when it does, haiya)

13/11/2016, 11:56PM.

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