the Ultimate brozone.

To E:


“hi babe”

*the bicep ‘you can do it’ emoticon*

“yeah sis”


That just made my morning even though I was the one receiving it. hahaha 

I woke up from a dream feeling extremely tired. The latter half of my dream was all about me escaping animals. I was running away from a tiger. While it was a distance away from me, there was the constant fear that it’d catch up and eat me whole, I was terrified. So I kept running and running. And when i finally came to an ‘Exit’ door, opened it, I saw the FS people (the one who i wanted to catch up to) all on their bikes, having fun – not knowing that I had been chased by an animal. They are seem so happy. Then, there was another of my friend who was behind me, running away from the tiger too. I hope she got out safe, she probably  should’ve since I made it chase me instead.

oh god, it was so draining. i felt like i’m legit running away from all things bad -being avoidant and all that shit. sigh.









the Ultimate brozone.

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