I come from the sea.

Because it’s week 9 

And i got nothing to lose.

I think. 

When frolicking in the waves isnt enough, i thought the waves would carry me. But i ended up self-baptising. When doing that wasn’t enough, i face planted into the (what i thought was relatively large, for a lack of better word) seafoam instead of diving into it and the people behind me wonderig what this crazyass chinese girl is doing. The beach was crowded af. But th waves were pretty amazing. I definitely would wanna come back here just for the waves and maybe learn how to surf? It’s low peak season but there were alot of people. Especially westerners – guess they tryna escape the autumn/winter months. 

I went scarf crazy. Like legit. I bought a blue beige hued scarf for 100baht. And then when i was at the beach the next day, i saw this seller selling his “cultural appropriat(ing)” scarf to some caucasians. But. BUT. I was drawn to it – the colours, the tribe, the vibe, the way it moved with wind. It was. Seducing. Me. The group of caucasians bought 3 of the same white based scarves. I saw the seller go by. He didn’t notice me. –why didn’t he?!– And i vowed to myself & my sister, who was the only one with me at that time cos parents went to buy drinks, that if i meet him again outside, i will buy it from him. And guess what, he CAME BACK. But. I had no money cos parents took all of it. The stash. Omaigod, the stash *cries* he was standing 5 metres from our mats, folding his scarves and it was tantalising. Waiting, anticipating for the parents’ return and hoping he’d stay there just a little while more. When i spotted the parents, i practically ran to them. Asked for money. And managed to bargain 300baht. Oh my lord. It was the best buy in ages. Never have i wanted it more. Haha i had fate with it F A T E 

Barely burnt but new freckles on my nose. Sometimes i cant tell whether its pores or freckles. Theres too many of both. Did i say mention that i love the ocean? I love the cleansing effect of the ocean on my skin and my necklace. And i love how it makes my body ache after being in the waters for a while. cue “i come from the sea” 😂

Eating the entire weekend. Can’t believe it passed so fast. Daylight by the beach and nighttime by the computer. Waking up early to complete what work i had, praying that the wifi will log me in. #firstworldproblems Having foot reflexologies at the end of each day and good seafood and a magherita at 44 Danny’s Restaurant for late night dinner. Gotta love the chocolate cheese/chocolate banana prata/crepe style and the good-looking chef. We had the best kebab – beats shiraz & pasar malam – and lots of rolled ice cream. Found a 7-11 on Saturday and for the next two days, whenever we passed by, ham&cheese sandwich + chicken steak burger are in the bag. Introduced my family to that and got my sis to take photos of the food cos she’s coming back to Thailand in a month or two. I had 3 ham&cheese sandwiches and 2 chicken steak burger today alone. Haha 

So i hope this energy will last me through the next two weeks. 3 submissions, 1 test. And i have yet to finish a quarter of it. 

Still though,

Why wait, to say

At least i did it my way?



I come from the sea.

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