Do you?

Do you

Do you notice the way he smiles

that crooked grin with a toothless gap

Do you listen to the sound of his voice

the way he talks when he’s playing

Do you savour the fragrance of his cologne

the envelope of a familiar, warm comfort

Do you see the lines on his face

the years of hard work and stories untold

Do you speak your mind so carelessly

intentionally hurting him but you think

that he should be able to handle it?

Do you?

Since after all,

he is your father.

And you, his daughter.

The weight he must carry on his shoulders

even at 50

Do you know the harsh realities behind those smiles

Do you think about the tensions behind his cussing

Do you take this safety blanket for granted

Do you witness the way he lounges on the couch, immensely exhausted

Do you still speak your mind so freely,

thinking he would be able to handle it

after all,

he is your dad.

the silent worker

the one who is often less appreciated

but the one, who will stand by you

all the same.


just stringing together the thoughts i had in my head last night & a little something something before i start on my school work.





Do you?

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