17-28 August 2016: the week before madness


Okay, madness begins.

Last week was jia lat. And I survived it. I’m probably never going to do that again (or, maybe I will – for the money, you know?) It got to the point where my parents didn’t want me to go to work because I was “having fever for 3 days already” and despite me saying that I felt much better on the night of the 3rd day. So instead, I bargained with mum. She sat down and talked to me while I prepped for school and work. So she took my temperature at 1am that night and woke me up for panadol. That was my last dose because in the morning I was practically healed up except for the slight bump when I swallow. But I went to the docs anyway – for the parents you know – and then head on down to MBS. I was happy to be at MBS. Legit, smiling from ear to ear when I just arrived. I don’t know why? Probably because it was an escape. MBS and the idea of working with GPJ reminded me of when I first started working after A levels – at the start of the 7 months long break. So I guess, dressing up for the event and working the long hours, they all reminded me of me working during vacation instead of already being in university. It took me back to that time and I wish i could go back to that time too. I threw thoughts of studying out of my feverish brain and enjoyed every moment spent sitting in the usher quarters. Before I knew it, the week was up. The only break I had was on Thursday and Friday and then it got hectic again.

Met up with T. & M. for BKT on Friday evening before we headed over to vivo and sat at the rooftop – watching zombies with phones, trudging around; 1 walker clothed in office attire even walked into the shallow rooftop pool and got himself soaked hahaha. It is insane how so many people have their eyes glued to the screens of Pokemon Go. Did they manage to look up and notice that the night sky on Friday night was almost cloudless and filled with stars? 

Saturday morning, I woke up really early to head over for my brother’s army family engagement day. It was pretty cool. I wore a helmet and rode in a bionix –sadly, the bro wasn’t driving it. he was in charge of handing out the helmets. Afterwhich, we went over to the simulation buildings. Guess what, I walked into the driving simulator room and found at least 3 guys who were good looking – or at least, above average – but I realise that they’re all too young for me. sobbles. Apparently, when I was in the moving simulation tank, the light shone through my clothes and the people outside the tank aka the soldiers + my family could see 2 layers of clothes. That’s right, y’all – my translucent top and my bra. Yep, free show – why do these things always happen to me, i wasn’t even wearing white le sigh– So much for appearing cool. We headed over to the gunnery simulation and it was pretty meh. Thank god for the aircon though. This family day was way more fun than the BMT family day which had nothing and was hot as heck. Better than any army/navy/airforce roadshows period. We had lunch at our usual weekend hangout before going home.

I barely had enough time to bathe and leave the house (still late though) to meet T. at Kaki Bukit and I stayed there for waaay too long before having my uber paid for to Depot Road for JX’s 21st birthday party. I was late but i had a really lovely time talking to the uber uncle. He showed me his children’s photos too. And I was able to practice my Mandarin XD Or like, a chapalang of English, Chinese, Hokkien, Singlish. It was fun switching between those languages hahaha. Finally met up with my #safarichiks and spent some time with them before my family came to pick me up so we could catch Don’t Breathe at Westmall. And then, when I reached home – I tried to do my SSA webcast but nope, I died. I just died and had a really good sleep.

Sunday was spent catching up on my school work, going grocery shopping and cooking dinner for my family. They loved it okay. It’s an improvement. My bro said it wasn’t too salty. I cooked luncheon meat fried rice – very basic. I would have added carrots if I had the time. Spent a super long time frying my luncheon meat and burning my first batch because I was using my phone and not paying attention to the meat HAHA Lucky my mum came in and reminded me to flip my meat. But, it was too late – they burnt. C. suddenly texted me to skype so I managed to squeeze in some time and had a really enjoyable conversation with the only true bimbo I am really comfortable being bimbos with. ilyC. Fetched the bro back to camp and drove back home. My driving really improved. I could feel that I was way smoother, cared less about the speed (i mean, i can feel it now). It just wasn’t so jerky. Also, I still haven’t gone to visit the pasar malam/carnival near my house. I’ll probably go down later to see it with mum + gym with sis.

Okay, much catch up, guys. But I missed yoga last sunday so I gotta make up for it today.







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