I’m Strong. 

Hey y’all.

So i’m on my way to the NatGeo talk. And i’m really excited about it?? Can’t imagine what it’d be like hearing about the grant. SAP work started yesterday afternoon –yes, working with them again; it’s good money so why not right?- I woke up at 5:30AM today to cab to MBS with D. and oabff. We bought Macs for brekkie. I didn’t have much to do. Only 2 hours of standing which was okay because I was positioned at the carpeted area so my soles don’t hurt as much. I remember writing about how I had fun just smiling and saying Good Morning to people. It was still fun. It somehow lifted my spirits a little? If that even makes sense. 

-okay, i have to alight at Botanics. brb.-

Okay, i’m now waiting for 151. By the way, why do they make MRTs so cold. I swear, they need to turn the heater up a little. It’s not fun freezing your ass off and shivering like you’re butt naked and caught in a blizzard. But i mean, I was having a pretty terrible week last week. I was falling ill, feeling tired, having a headache for days in a row -like, maybe exactly 7 days now?- Massaging my head while shampooing didn’t help much either – it made it worse. It’s been long since I had a fever. God, does it make you feel useless. Yesterday was really bad. I woke up feeling sick but I pulled myself out of bed for yoga. It was a good session and i’m glad i got my butt back to the mat. It was only towards the end that I blacked out but I held it because I don’t want to be an embarrassment you know. –haha- 

Yeah so, this week’s gonna be hectic. And I’ll not be having much rest either. –ya, i know it’s bad for my body and i should rest since i’m running a fever- But it’s just 3 days yknow? The cold in MBS can be countered with 2 cardigans and hot water and the heat of Humble Origins can be cooled by wearing thin layers. Ah, i just hope my body holds. That i don’t burn out. It’s been holding up pretty nicely with regular intervals of panadol and me eating my antishistamine, pei pa gao, panadol and vitamins in the morning. It’s gonna be alright. I’m strong. 



The talk and networking session is over. I’m on my way back to MBS. I felt so small in front of all those people. But attending this event is really an eyeopener on how networking is like. And maybe, boost my confidence for future networking sessions where i actually talk to people other than the application officer. Anyways, i feel my headache coming back; think i used up too much juice for the talk. It was really interesting though. And i’m really inspired by how passionate these people are. I think they are the true #goals of passion. Okay, i’m gonna take a nap on the bus. Bye.


I’m Strong. 

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