Summer 2016

Hi guys, it’s been a while.

Here are just some of my Summer memories. Most of them can’t be posted up since my phone converted them to videos upon saving.

I had a really wonderful Summer experience this year. And I really wish it wouldn’t end. These 3 months have been so short. I went on this amazing trip which tested both my mental and physical strength and I came back with only 6 weeks of Summer left. The last 6 weeks have been of all sorts. There were times when I felt so bitter and times when I was really happy. I think, I grew a lot over this break. And I think, this break is also one of the most burdensome one yet. It’s crazy.

Honestly, it doesn’t feel like Summer has ended. I have yet to get all my modules -cries- and I realized I missed my tutorial registration. What luck. Is this premonition? I mean, I had a nightmare before the unfortunate bidding yesterday.

(the above was written about a week ago)


Now that school has officially begun, I gotta get my brain working again. And application(s) deadlines to meet. I’m pretty excited for the semester – see what level 4ks bring. Speaking of which, you know how people keep saying taking double 4ks in y3s1 is insane – specifically, environmental modelling. Well, I somehow am the most excited for it. Hahaha. It’s the challenge you know? I love it. Maybe people get off from the thrill of the chase, but these kinda pushing the notion/boundaries – that ego boost when you did it well (just like the 4 2ks T. & I did in 1 or 2 of our sems) – it just feels that good to say that you’ve “been there, done that”. Ooh, I’ve been loving that phrase.

Absolutely   l o v i n ‘  i t .

13 August 2016

Happy Birthday to Moz #run4moz

AKA waking up at 5:30am to catch the bus/train to Serangoon Stadium and then eating prata for breakfast. I was so tired and I lost my snaps for that morning. ): But that surprised look on your face though. Haha, it made up for the 4 hours of sleep.

In the evening, I made my way to Kovan MRT (again, the purple line). Angie picked me up from the station and together, we went to Joyce’s 2 months early 21st party (cos she’s leaving for exchange). Happy Birthday Joyce; stay bubbly.

Annddddd, here’s to a wonderful August (:

Today, I did something new. It was my first time gymming. Like, legit gymming. It was savage. Holy crap. I was so tired halfway through Legs. I had to give the #phelpsface midway before things got easier. Legs ain’t my forte man. Ain’t my forte since Cross ended. It’s not like I’m completely new with my weights. Wew boy, that was tiring af. Can’t wait for the next one.


Happy National Day, Singapore.

Congrats, J.S. on winning Singapore’s first swimming Olympic gold medal. That was an insane swim.






Summer 2016

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