The Reason Why,

I love you so.

You’re there – not always, but you’re there. Maybe you won’t drop everything and see me when I’m down, or maybe you won’t even be awake. But I know that I can count on you. There’s less hate when I’m around you and it makes me feel comfortable. It makes the world seem just a little rosier even if we’re complaining about politics and war and death and depressing shit like that. There came a certain point in time that I wished that we were different, so we can fall in love and live happily after. But real life ain’t so smooth and I’d much rather have you close to me than ever letting you slip away. This love is better for the both of us. In decades to come, we’ll end up old, wrinkly and handicapped but we’ll still have each other. Between us, there’s no pretentious motives or sidestepping or stigmatizing. No hard feelings, only honest opinions. You’re considerate, kind and all round a lovely person. When that special someone comes along, I hope s/he sees what I see in you.


The reason why I love you,

It’s because you’re you and I’m me and there’s nothing stopping us from feeling relaxed, secure and contented.







The Reason Why,

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