Good morning, everyone.

It’s 2:29AM. It’s early, I sort of realized that after I read finish another book.

I don’t know what I’m doing up now since I should be lying in bed, sleeping soundly and maybe having an epic/sweet dream. But for now, my laptop is perched on the edge of my vanity table and my view is absolutely calming. It feels like Singapore’s version of a cosy, winter, christmas-sy, fireplace, big sweaters day. I have no inkling when the rain stopped. There’s still flashes of lightning, distant rumbling of thunder and the ground is still wet. Oh, i hear the pitter-patter of rain. It’s starting again! And a cool, gentle breeze blew across my face, tickling my senses. The fragrance of moist grass, the sound of cars zipping by beneath, the faint memory of The Neighbourhood’s hit song playing at the back of my mind. I love late night storms – the crack of lightning, the roar of thunder, the sound cars make over wet roads, the chilly yet warm and fuzzy feeling. The comfort and safety of my bed, the soft pillows and a sleeping home. It’s so cosy. Thinking about it makes me wonder what I’m actually doing now. I should get back into bed.. of course, not before playing the awesome rendition of Sweater Weather.

Sleep tight, my loves.




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