A Day In The City.

you make my heart feel like it’s summer-

Harukimi’s 1Q84, a glass of water and an iced coffee laid out on the table. Two eternally blooming red gerberas in a vase strategically placed beside a wall. My feet propped onto the metal ledge beneath the coffee table and my left shoulder leaning against the wall. A lady dressed in white lace sat beside me, sharing her stories with her friend. Office workers – young, old, injured, in flats, in heels, in suits, pantsuits, dresses – stroll by and continue about their day. It’s 1:20PM, lunch is ending and they’re heading back to the office. Some still sit beneath the maroon pavilions, having coffee, chatting and laughing with one another. J, she’s working here, wearing a similar apron i worn in Stirling. It doesn’t look that long on her despite being around same height. Her hair’s still fluffy and she’s wearing neutrals. Beige on grey on grey. She just left the cafe, to go to the ladies – probably. Her colleagues thought we’re siblings – that’s a first. Ah, it’s almost lunch time for me. I can feel it. Guess it’s my turn to order some meatball pasta or cajun chicken sandwich. Mm.

Can this day go by any slower? (‘:


A Day In The City.

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