Four Hours.


I thought I am the type of person who’d be stoked as heck to leave my familiars and comfort behind for an adventure. I thought I am the kind of person who has no trouble saying goodbyes (for now). Guess I’m not. Guess I’m still learning something new about myself.

I’m nervous (60%), scared (15%), sian (20%) and excited (5%). And this is making my stomach have all the fluttery butterflies and mixed emotions stirring within me.

Since I’m gone for 39 days, I really pray that nothing bad happens to anyone here in Singapore and me while I’m overseas. Like, for real. Please. Haha. Okay, not a joking matter, I’m serious.

Going to call my grandma now. (‘:





9:43AM. omg, i think I will really cry leh. I just called my mama and walao, tearing up already. i’m just like holding on to the tears LOL, just keeping it in, keeping it in. with a tight throat. talia, why you so emotional -.- 

Four Hours.

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