1 More Day Night.

IT’S 6:33PM. Mum is in the shower. Dad is walking around, already prepared to go for dinner. Me? I’m here, typing away, in nothing but my undergarments. Okay, mum is out of the shower. Gotta go. -afk-

IT’S 7:52PM. Just got back from dinner. Guys, I really don’t want to be bleeding for 6 weeks. I want to play in the water toooooo. Mum is going to help me repack my bag for the 4th time. Because, she is a better packer than I am. lololol. Please fit my sleeping bag in ok.

Oh yes, went out with zhuo today before the both of us fly and won’t be able to see each other for the next 2 months. Cries. We usually meet up regularly after finals. Have fun in the Land of Kimchi while i suffer in the Land of Smiles.

Time check, 9:40PM. Hoorah! Managed to pack the sleeping bag in and all my random barang barang with extra space to spare. Why was I not able to pack it like that?! Both my dad & mum helped me out with the packing. Now, I’m slightly more excited – just a tad bit only – for this 6 weeks long journey. I hope I can sleep tonight. And I hope I don’t get period shit this time.


lol, even my hair is on point with the whole theme.


Signing out for the night,





oh ya! gotta go change my earrings.

1 More Day Night.

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