2 More Days.

IT’S 12:55AM. Just finished packing my 60L bag. It looks like it’s gonna freaking burst anytime. I couldn’t even fit my female items in there – so I’m basically carrying one of them in my day bag. Walao. It’s really like shit. Ugh. My bag weighs about 1/4 of me. Someone please bless me okay. That I don’t strain my back muscles or something. I don’t wanna be feeling extreme backaches next time when I’m older (especially when I’m on my period). Speaking of periods, what the heck is going on with mine?! I’m annoyed that my shark week has been going on for more than a week. 😡 Like, body, what is going on with you?! can you please be normal like how you usually are?!?!?!?! can you faster just get rid of everything. o m g . The worst part is, i don’t even know if it’s my real this month’s period or like leftover from the previous. Dear Lord, aye.  So I don’t even know whether my period will be coming during FS – suck balls. I hate being a female. FREAKING HATE IT. If I’m a guy I wouldn’t have to care so much about anything. Just be healthy and fit, you know.

The FS Team is so bloody inefficient, I just cannot stand it. Meeting dragged on and on and I have to learn the basics of a new language when I can’t even remember French. Ugh. I guess the only plus point today was the #first film outing with J & M. I’m such a noob and I ran across a huge road. Alone. Because they just left me there, on the other side of the road. Thanks guys. We had Soofa BKT and loads of chinese tea after that (the name, I forgot, pu er?) before heading home to get my shit organised.

I’m gonna miss the shower head, the mirrors, the warm water, the memory storage, the makeup, the clothes … oh Lord, aye.

It’s time for me to appreciate my bed.




2 More Days.

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