3 More Days.

This heat is really getting to me. I wonder how I’m going to survive in Thailand’s 37 degree (average) weather. Jeezus, El Nino, please calm down. You’re making me break out in constant rash nowadays. In places I don’t use to have. Thank God for the prickly heat powder. It has been my lifesaver for many weeks now. Ugh. itchy. 

So I just packed my clothes into the 60L camping bag. It’s already 7kg. That’s my normal weight of suitcase when I travel. Now, it’s on my back and it doesn’t include my toiletries, chargers … It’s gonna be so heavy. 眼泪

There’s going to be an FS meeting tomorrow morning and then a Physical meeting before heading off to meet J and M for our film shooting! Excited. Let the pros teach me how to work the camera and I’ll just be a guai student tomorrow.

Honestly, the past week since Finals ended have gone by so quickly. It’s probably cos I’ve been going out almost everyday till late at night and that’s draining. And I feel like I’m not spending enough time with my family before I fly :/ It has been crazy, you could tell from the previous post. There were nights of insomnia, “gian” and just staying up late to edit a video. Pretty disappointed with how I only managed to complete one video rather than the 3 videos I planned to upload before I fly. It was so hectic, you see.

I’m currently, creating more storage on my phone because, I won’t be bringing the camera so that means no additional storage. I’ll be bringing a thumbdrive just to store the stuff though. Alot of work this trip. Sigh. Sometimes I wish it’s just 2-3 weeks instead of 6.

Okay, I’ll get back to organising my photos.


Till next time,


3 More Days.

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