Say a Little Prayer.

“Mother FQH sent an image.”

She had to answer her nature’s call and she ended up with a very bruised, greenish hue left foot. I wonder how hard she must’ve bumped into her office desk that gave her such a bruise. I hardly bruise when I bump into furniture. Blueblacks are my weakness. I love it and how it feels. I love to press and watch the other person squirm. Such satisfaction.

It’s a ritual, you see. Everytime, before major examinations, I would do this. I used to write it out, a whole long sentimental letter. Like my very own version of a “will” or a vow or something -haha- I wonder where I kept the rest of my handwritten prayers. It’s probably safe in my memorabilia box.

IT’S 11:25PM. I’m starting finals tomorrow. 3 in 3 days before the last 1 another 3 days later.  I’m kind of nervous, kind of not. All I know is, I’m already dreaming of next week’s outfits. My schedule, packing for FS, going out – the start of Summer break. 😀 My first paper is an open book -as usual- and 100 MCQs in 2 hours. It’s possible. Convincing myself is the only way to delusion and success. I haven’t seen so many MCQs in 3 years. It gets a little intimidating, you know? Especially when it’s no longer 4 options, but 5. Jeez, make it tough, huh. Well, wish me luck anyway. I’m more certain and somewhat confident of the second paper before that confidence plummets to the ground with my third paper on Terrestrial & Coastal. While it is interesting to learn, the fact that one prof is a lousy teacher and the other is supremely good to the point that he expects concepts not taught in lectures … Tough.



Say a Little Prayer.

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