Two Weeks in April.

A belated present for my dearest FQH. The weather on Saturday and Sunday should’ve been reversed. The weekend passed too quickly and the next thing I knew, it was already time to check out. Time to face Week 13.

Another twenty-first celebrated. K and I were spies for the day. Seriously, being a spy in Singapore is really hard! We tried the hiding behind pillar moves – you know, from pillar to pillar – and devised a plan to stalk L on his way back home. But of course, I was stopped by a lady midway through my “spy-crawl” and was left behind. And already perspiring bucket loads while the woman insisted on me doing the survey. Can’t you see that I’m busy? Are you not socially aware? Am I too friendly looking? -haha- We were only hiding from L’s sight but I probably filled up a bucket or two. Singapore, your weather, please. Ultimately, the birthday surprise was … 95% successful. If only FQH didn’t text and wish L. a happy birthday, I could’ve finally pulled off a 100% successful surprise. Like. Finally.

And here’s the rest of the random stuff which happened over the past two weeks or so. I stayed late into the night to complete GE2220 report while D kept me company. Except for the mini Madonna concert I had, I was such a bore. Sorry D. He kept himself occupied with retard gestures and moves (thinking I wasn’t paying attention) and ended up hosting a cooking show. Haha. It was fun. The next day, I woke up a female disaster. Sigh, the things that happen to me. Tragic. I had to miss my 10am lecture and went for the 12pm lecture alone.

The following week AKA week 13 AKA last week of school AKA last week of being year 2   was filled with french. It was French all day all night. Yup, totally kept me insane. Il faut tres chaud on Mardi [it was freaking hot on tuesday when i thought it’d be sweater weather] and I had errands to run! Errands which i ended up doing under the hot sun in my sweater weather attire ie, being a FEDEX for my friend, missing my bus and walking to YIH before realising i’m gonna have a heatstroke and die if I don’t take the bus to the terminal, was 30 minutes late because I was being a deliveryboy, the fan at my meeting was hardly working. It was sweltering. I was dying. My makeup was running. Oh god. My one true savior of the day was J. Thanks for being my slave. You’re much appreciated even if I don’t show it. Apart from perspiring and shit, the occasional breeze which made the palm trees rustle were my happy moments. Moments that I’ll just stop doing what I was, looked to my right and admire its movement. People walking by saw me looked and looked to, but they didn’t know what I was looking at. Hah! Gotcha, you busybodies. The storm which arrived on  Wednesday evening was the ultimate blessing. I finished my French paper, sat through my final GE2220 lecture and the prof commented “good”s on my parts. You can say that I was in a good mood. Thursday, people looked at our poster and scoffed: “are you serious? they laminated the leaves”. They didn’t lift the leaves up either. -noobs- In the evening, I walked with my mom, bought a basket of instant noodles and got my cardio in.  Oh yes, and I paid off my brows today. Po-kai. Finally, it’s FRIDAY. The last day of school. I wasn’t excited … until French oral was over. We screwed up the last part so bad it’s hilarious. Overall, it was okay even if we only talked for hardly 2 minutes. Gosh, I said that I didn’t like French cuisine in front of my French teacher. Oh well. Another strike on me. I went home happy. Pranced around in nothing but ahem. Sang out loud. Ahh, it was such an awesome feeling to feel so free. It was my last day of so-called ‘liberation’ you see. Before the mugging started on Saturday AKA yesterday. Oh where, oh where, did yesterday went? I remember waking up cosy. Trying to increase my computer’s storage because it’s 116GB/116GB. And when I did remove about 5GB after 2 hours, it filled right up. GG. I was at my limit. Studied for abit before watching The Huntsman. I love Charlize Theron so much. I love her to death. She and Karlie Kloss and Mila Kunis and Amanda Seyfried. I love you guys. Everyone (actresses/actors) is starting to look Scandinavian Nordic to me with their light coloured hair and pale features or you know, just average features. No more striking beauties on Hollywood’s stars. Except for you know, Chris Hemsworth and the ones I mentioned ~dreamy~

Now that I rounded up the past 2 weeks.

IT’S 4:15PM

and it’s time for me to finish up my LSM notes.

Goodbye my loves. 



Two Weeks in April.

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