Dumb and Dumber.

Sometimes we forget that our parents were once young and foolish. And they still are young and foolish, but now only with the body of a person who has been through good times, bad times and has endured it all to this day. The laugh lines and scars on them hide stories we have never heard and crazy times they had. We forget that they are also kids with parents. And even as I am guilty of calling my parents “old people”, “oldie” … It brings me joy witnessing their inner kid live vicariously through the shell of a body unable to stop the hands of time.

Happy birthday to my mother. A woman strong enough to carry the burden of this family every day and night. The person who is willing to follow me, support me, guide me and even add on to my nonsense which makes me glad that we share the same traits. Here’s to more walkabouts, getaways and crazy-silly adventures (‘:

I hope you liked the surprise and enjoyed silently watching me fail. Sigh, how many times have I spoiled a surprise I planned? XD

Looking forward to our staycay this weekend (a birthday present from us to you). Unfortunate me has to bring her work along to study for exams the following week ): but it’s alright. As long as we’re together.



Dumb and Dumber.

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