#taliaflies (walks) to Johor Bahru

It already feels like the weekend is coming to an end even though it has only just begun. Thank you God for having a public holiday called Good Friday. The girls in the family and my sister’s boyfriend went to JB today. Although I have probably been there several times when I was younger (& my parents were also young enough for long road trips into Malaysia), it felt like it was my first time there. Bits and pieces of childhood memories drifted in my mind as I recalled familiar activities we did in the past.

Today, we went to 3 different malls (JB Central, City Square -right next to each other- & KSL). JB Central and City Square are right outside the Woodlands terminal – wait no, it’s right outside the JB terminal. IT’S 11:09PM and my mind is starting to get fuzzy. JB Central and City Square are 5 minutes from the terminal and they have brands like Uniqlo, Charles and Keith, Swensens, Vans etc. It’s more on the higher end goods but not yet designer. Once we got out of the terminal, we went straight to the toilet. (Do note that Malaysian toilets do not provide tissue and don’t throw your tissue(s) into the toilet bowl because it’ll get stuck and be all disgusting) Meanwhile, the D and my sis bought us Auntie Anne’s. We had the sugar pretzel, the hotdog pretzel and, oh glorious chocolate eclair/dips. It might have looked like shit (literal) when I took the photo, but trust me, it’s heavenly. I guess it was also because we went at the right timing. They just finished baking the roll and so it’s still warm and fluffy. Mom and I loved it so much that we went back for a second round. However, since we bought it when it just opened, they didn’t really have much change. Luckily for us, the cashier gave us her remaining small change. It’s a pity for those after us. HAHA We walked around JB Central and I noticed that there was a 3CE stand alone outlet?! It’s surprising because only Sephora carries 3CE. There isn’t a stand alone store. Once we’re done with walking JB Central, we head on over to City Square, connected by a bridge, and walked around again. There wasn’t anything new to see since most of the stores can be found in Singapore. The prices are controlled too especially for the major outlets like Uniqlo, H&M etc. So there wasn’t a point in spending much on those items.

What came next was much more exciting. We left City Square and walked the long way to JB’s Heritage area. Yup, you got it – shophouses, cafes, lanterns, alleys. It’s basically our Tiong Bahru. After about 10-15 minutes of walking, we found Chaiwalla. I wanted to try it since last Novemeber when I was searching for cafes in JB. Honestly, it isn’t as nice as I expected. We ordered 3 drinks (1 standardized size), mine was the Thai Milk Tea cos I had been craving since yesterday. Then, we made our way over to a coconut ice cream shop which I can’t remember. It had a very nice interior and exterior design. All their decor were from industrial or recycled materials. I especially love the half-dead flowers by the window. We got the coconut icecream settled and it wasn’t too bad. Of course, I prefer the one I first had in Surin beach, Phuket, last December. Now it’s time for the journey back to City Square and it took us quite a while to flag a cab. So we decided to walk back to the Terminal (yes everything is near each other, very convenient!) where we took a flat rate 30RM not-your-average cab to KSL. What I meant by NYA was that it was more spacious and felt like a Singaporean taxi rather than you know those taxis which feels flimsy and light. It was pretty worth it since the Driver knew how to skip the long jams and we were comfortable and were only paying probably 5RM more for it. The car could sit 6 people.

KSL is like the IMM of Singapore and one of the best buys of this trip was my (unexpected) 5RM tempered glass a cute guy who looks both like W & DAY. Initially saw the 10RM sign and thought it was bloody cheap but when I walked further down the lane, I spotted the 5RM sign. It was just my luck to have a cute guy fixing my phone for me at a cheap rate. In Singapore, I paid about $10 for my tempered glass at Jurong Point basement. Afterwhich, I bought another tempered glass and a 2metre long charging cable from him.

It was time to feed our stomach! So we head on over to the Ba Kut Teh stall opposite the road and filled our tummies up with herbal pork rib soup. It was a rather popular place. Oh yes and since it was durian season, there were stalls set up. We made our way back to KSL to have the KFC cheesy wedges and can I just say that it was heavenly? The combination between the cheese and the wedge is just so good. It ain’t the crispy, all brown/golden wedge. We wanted to catch a movie today but we didn’t since the queue was way way long so we decided on Karaoke. It was pretty shady and I’m sure I had a ghostly encounter with my mom while in the toilet. It’s pretty cheap too – 35RM per hour on fridays/public holiday/holiday eve/weekends. When we were done with singing, we had a mini thrift shopping before taking a taxi to Restaurant 101 for seafood dinner.

We overate. We were so bloated. But damn, the salted egg squid and apple sour plum drink were so good. Never though I’d ever come to like salted egg dishes; I guess it’s because of the spices added to the dish which made it utterly savory and I can forget how the yoke tastes like. By the end of dinner, I was already dead tired. I slept on my cab back to the Terminal. We walked around and sis bought a new pair of lilac old skool vans which are pretty rad before queuing up to take the 9PM train back to Singapore.

The train was slow. I just gotta say this. I didn’t have much time to take its exterior photos ): because as soon as everyone settled, the train departed for Singapore. But it’s a nice experience. I’ll be sure to take a similar train like this overseas since Singapore (stupidly) removed the tracks and destroyed one of its heritage sites – turned it into a trail that could’ve maintained its glorious past if not for “safety concerns”. Honestly, if Singapore weren’t as sterile and controlling, people wouldn’t even think about leaving.

The customs at Singapore were efficient, as always (I mean, what else are we known for right?) and we took 170 home – on which I slept during the entire journey back  home with intermittent wake ups.

Since the males of the house have been gone since the weekdays, the ladies are gonna make full use of it by sleeping outside in our comforter with a horror movie playing in the background. It’s time to get me some much needed beauty sleep because I have been utterly sleep deprived.




#taliaflies (walks) to Johor Bahru

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